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There is much to do and see in Crete, we have given you a long list of possibilities. I would suggest that you discuss your activities and tours with Antonios upon your arrival, he is a wealth of information and will talk to you about your choices, and help with the arrangements. He may also give you some suggestions that you had not thought of! And if you would like to get a head start, it would be my pleasure to give you any information that you require!
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KnossosOn Friday March 23, 1900 at 11am Arthur Evans began his excavation of Knossos. Although he was not the first to excavate at the site, that honor belongs to a Greek appropriately called Minos Kalokairinos in 1878, it was to be Evans who uncovered the Knossos Palace and brought to light this unknown civilization - possibly the oldest in Europe. The basic excavation of the site took 4 years and for the rest of his life Evans continued working on the site, reconstruction and building, often in an attempt to preserve the remains from the weather to which they have been exposed for the first time in 3,500 years. Evans designated the building at Knossos a palace and named the civilization that had built it the Minoans, after King Minos of Greek Mythology. Since then the actual function of the building and of the other palaces has been questioned and new interpretations advanced. Alternative views consider the 4 large palaces of Minoan Crete to be temples or administrative centers or both and in one interpretation; Knossos is seen as a neoropolis - a huge burial site to which only a small band of priests and embalmers had access.

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